AJ-1.2: Lunging a horse with changes of direction in motion (english)


Steaming Media Lizenz: AJ-1.1

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This clips shows how you can lunge a young or not so young horse on a cavesson and how to achieve fluent changes of rein in motion. It shows details and necessities before you get started and schools your eye for the movements and responses of your horse during the exercise.
I consider the fluent change of rein as a very important part of exercising on a cavesson as the horse learns to balance its body without the weight of a rider. The changes of rein through the circle also clarifies the relationship of horse and human. A horse which has learnt to change fluently through the circle has a good balance which enables it to show its natural beautiful gaits, a perfect preparation to move in balance later with the rider.

This product contains 1 video, total 7:30 minutes

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