Step by step manual

Step 1 – Going to the shop

You want to purchase a tournament-video? First you have to visit the following webpage:

The following steps apply to theory – and training-videos, too.

Schritt 2 –  Choosing the rider/valuation class

Schritt 3 – Choosing the bundle of the rider

Add the bundle to the shopping cart. The bundle comprises all rides.

Details of the product/bundle are displayed when you click on the picture.


Schritt 4 – Going to the shopping cart

Now go to the shopping cart. Therefore click on the button „Warenkorb anzeigen“

The shopping cart opens showing the selected product.

Schritt 5 – Entering a coupon-code

If you have a coupon, enter the coupon-code at the form „Gutscheincode“. Then click on the button „Gutschein anwenden“. After successful input of the coupon-code the message „Gutschein-Code erfolgreich angewendet“ at the head of the page.

Schritt 6 – Proceed to checkout

While in the shopping cart, click on the button „Weiter zur Kasse“.

Schritt 7 – Loging in using Social-Media-Accounts

Now you log on to the system. To protect your data we use your Social-Media-Account to authenticate you. The system will forward you to the selected Social-Media-Network. Here you can see as example facebook:

Now you have to log on to your Social-Media-Account. After a successful login you will be forwarded to the shop automatically.

For our shop we only record your name and your e-mail address. Everything else stays with the Social-Media-Network and we don’t have access to it.

Schritt 8 – Filling in the purchase order

After the successful authentification you are forwarded to the purchase order.

Now confirm the“ terms and conditions“ and the „cancellation period“ by placing a tick.
Then click on the button „Jetzt kaufen“.

Schritt 9 – Order confirmation


After a successful order a summary of the purchase order is being displayed and you will receive an e-mail with the order confirmation and the invoice.

Schritt 10 – Going to „Meine Videos“

Choose „Meine Videos“ in the menu.

If you are logged out, e.g. because you closed the browser, you have to log in using the same Social-Media-Account you have used for purchasing the video.

After the login your dashboard is being displayed, showing a list of your videos.

Schritt 11 – Videos auswählen und anschauen

By clicking on the video you select it and are forwarded to the video-page.

Now you can play the video – whenever you want, wherever you want, how often you want and on any device you want.