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Jaenisch Theorie Englisch 2020

Andrea Jänisch 2020

Andrea Jänisch OnAir-Theory enables access to live-online theory units and/or their video recording.

In Andreas lessons, her seminars and training one thing is particularly important for her: Leading two beings who are the centre of activity – the rider and the horse – on their way to harmony and joy and accompanying them in their learning.
Andreas „Young-horse-schooling-programme“ sets new standards for the education of horses.
For many years now Andrea has been very active training and educating working equitation riders – gaited or not – and enjoys riding working equitation competitions herself. Andreas roots lie with the gaited horses of any kind, together with Kaja Stührenberg she wrote a book about „Exercising the Gaited Horse“.
Her own professional development and education is part of her daily life „never stop learning…“. Andrea Jänisch trains and educates throughout Europe or you can find her judging Gaited Worker competitions.
As a rider she was strongly influenced by: e.g. Ursula Bruns, Sadko Solinski, Maria Günther, Kurt Capellmann, Linda Tellingston-Jones, Pedro Torres, Gerd Heuschmann, Albert Brandl, Jean-François Pignon, Einar Òder Magnusson, Ute Holm, Alfonso Aguilar…